Stay Connected

Empty Battery

Smart Phone, Dumb Battery

Emailing, texting, browsing the web, getting directions, uploading pics to social media, playing games in your downtime... and just when you want to call someone to make dinner plans you realize your phone is dead :(

Zero Commitment

There When You Need It

Sign up for Lukly, backup your contacts on an always accessible cloud space and never pay a dime. Have the piece of mind of an always accessible contact book at no cost. Nothing to lose for signing up!

Unlike Anything Out There

Current contact backups aren't built to be accessed on the fly. Other solutions include: memorizing all your contacts' info, carrying a physical address book with you everywhere, backup battery (which is useless if your phone is lost or damaged)... We think there's a better way :)

How it Works

Once you've signed up and synced your contacts, searching through and retreiving individual contacts is dead simple.

No Downloads Required: Grab any phone and send a text to 58559 (LUKLY) with your phone number, password, and the name of the contact from your address book that you wish to retrieve. (to protect your password, delete this text immediately after sending)

Smart Search Results: Don't remember how to spell your friend's last name? ..Don't worry. Based on your search, Lukly will return multiple results which you can choose from to ensure that the info you receive is from the contact you need.

Complete Contract Retrieval: Once your contact is selected, Lukly will text you back with whatever info is saved under that contact. Cell number, office number, email address, home address, etc...